Product Educational Videos
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Deworming with Free Choice Mineral (3:36)
An easy, practical, cost effective way Dr. Myers uses to deworm his cattle at the proper times. When it’s the right time to deworm, he provides a free choice mineral that contains a dewormer so the cattle can deworm themselves. Just put out free choice mineral containing Safeguard® (fenbendazole) dewormer in it, and over a six day period the herd will deworm themselves. Eliminates labor costs and fits most cattle operations so cattle can reach their full genetic potential.
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Cattlemen to Cattlemen Alabama – Parasite control in Cow/Calf and stocker operations (8:38)
Alabama cattlemen discusses how they control cattle parasites in their stocker and cow/calf operations.
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Alabama Management Minute - Basic Practices of Strategic Deworming Cattle (0:55)
The basic principles of deworming cattle at the proper times to reduce worm levels in the pastures.